I stand for the things that make Gilbert a special place: our families and businesses. How we support and protect the rights of our families and businesses are the issues I will put first. Here’s how:

For Gilbert Families

  • Protect private property rights
  • Fully funded and well-trained public safety departments
  • High quality public works services
  • Protect individual rights
  • High quality of life
  • Low tax burden. I helped defeat last tax high. (Prop 406)
  • Limited government

For Gilbert Businesses

How is Jared different from his opponent?

I stand for a limited government and low taxes, but not everyone in this race does. With many other Gilbert residents, I fought the sales tax increase known as Proposition 406. (Click here to read my article on why this episode in Gilbert history matters and identifies Jared Taylor as the best candidate for Town Council.)

I would like to hear your feedback on the issues that matter to you. Click “Contact” at the top to reach me today.